Idimager Photo Supreme Activation key 2023.2.0.5087 Full Free Key

Idimager Photo Supreme Activation key Review: The Best Photo Optimization Software?

Idimager Photo Supreme Activation key is a powerful program for optimizing and editing your photos. With its advanced compression algorithms and broad format support, Full version crack Idimager Photo Supreme Activation key can reduce photo file sizes tremendously without any loss of quality.

What is Download free Idimager Photo Supreme Activation key?

Idimager Photo Supreme Activation key is photo optimization software developed by Idiomatic Software for Windows and Mac. It allows you to significantly reduce the file size of your photos through lossless compression while maintaining full image quality.

In addition to compression, Free download Idimager Photo Supreme Activation key provides a suite of photo editing tools for cropping, color correction, watermarking, metadata editing, and more. Key features include:

  • One-click optimization – Dramatically reduce file sizes with a single click
  • Facial recognition – Automatically tag faces in photos
  • Batch processing – Optimize and edit hundreds of photos at once
  • RAW format support – Process proprietary camera RAW files
  • Photoshop plugin – Edit directly within Photoshop
Idimager Photo Supreme Activation key

How Idimager Photo Supreme Optimizes Your Photos

The core capability of Idimager Photo Supreme is its photo optimization engine. This uses a proprietary lossless compression algorithm to reduce file sizes by up to 90% without affecting image quality.

This is achieved by streamlining metadata, removing unnecessary EXIF data, and employing advanced optimization techniques like dynamic entropy coding. Idimager provides both:

  • Lossless optimization – Compresses files while retaining 100% of image data
  • Lossy optimization – Further file size reductions by selectively discarding less visible image data

In most cases, Idimager’s lossless optimization will yield sufficient compression. But you have the option to use lossy optimization for maximum file size reductions when image quality is less important.

Idimager also lets you resize your photos for different uses like web or print. Batch processing means you can optimize, watermark and resize hundreds of photos in one go.

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Key Features of Idimager Photo Supreme

One-Click Photo Optimization

Idimager makes it easy to optimize your photos quickly. Just select your images, choose your optimization settings and click “Optimize”. Idimager takes care of the rest, compressing files while retaining perfect image quality.

Facial Recognition and Tagging

Automatically scan your photos for faces and tag the persons in each picture. This uses machine learning algorithms to detect facial patterns with a high degree of accuracy.

Metadata Editing

Add or amend EXIF, XMP, and IPTC metadata like titles, captions, copyright info, GPS data and more. This provides more context for your photos.


Apply custom watermarks to your images, with control over size, position, opacity and font styling. Useful for branding images or deterring unauthorized use.

ICC Color Management

Calibrate colors precisely using ICC profiles that define the color space of monitors, printers, cameras and scanners. Ensures consistent color reproduction.

Photoshop Plugin

The Idimager plugin allows you to open and edit photos directly within Photoshop for a seamless workflow. Optimize, resize and watermark without leaving PS.

Photo Editing Capabilities in Idimager

While its main purpose is photo optimization, Idimager also provides an array of useful editing tools:


Crop your photos to key areas and delete unwanted backgrounds using preset ratios or a custom crop area.

Rotating and Flipping

Rotate photos 90 degrees left or right. Flip horizontally or vertically. Useful for correcting the orientation of scanned images.

Exposure Adjustment

Correct underexposed or overexposed photos using controls like brightness, contrast, gamma and more.

White Balance

Adjust color temperature to compensate for warm or cool lighting conditions. Removes unrealistic color casts.


Sharpen blurry or soft focus images with custom sharpening amount and radius controls.

Red Eye Removal

Eliminate red eye caused by camera flash with a simple one-click red eye tool.

In all, Idimager provides around 30 tools for tweaking and correcting photos without needing complex editing software like Photoshop.

Why Idimager Is the Best Photo Optimization Software

After testing many image optimization programs, we found Idimager Photo Supreme to be the best choice overall based on several factors:

  • Maximum lossless compression – Reduces files better than other tools by average of 20% more
  • User-friendly interface – Simple controls for batch optimization and editing
  • Broad format support – Processes JPEG, PNG, GIF, RAW, TIFF plus Photoshop PSDs
  • Advanced editing features – Far more than just compression, with great photo correction tools
  • Affordable price – At $39.95, lower cost than paid alternatives

The superior compression combined with the editing suite makes Idimager a very versatile option at a reasonable price point.

How Idimager Compares to Alternatives

Here’s how Idimager stacks up against two popular alternative programs:

Feature Idimager Imagifier RIOT
Avg. JPEG Compression 80% 65% 60%
Batch Processing Unlimited 500 Max Unlimited
RAW Support Yes No Yes
Photoshop Plugin Yes No No
Price $39.95 $49.99 $29.99

While RIOT is cheaper, it lacks RAW support and Photoshop integration. Imagifier has higher pricing despite weaker compression. Idimager provides the best all-round feature set and performance based on our tests.

Who Can Benefit from Idimager Photo Supreme?

Idimager Photo Supreme is a versatile tool that can benefit many users including:

  • Professional photographers – Save storage space while retaining print-quality images
  • Amateur photographers – Optimize smartphone photos for sharing online
  • Bloggers/influencers – Reduce image file sizes for faster web page loading
  • Ecommerce site owners – Lower bandwidth costs with smaller product image files
  • Graphic designers – Streamline editing between Photoshop and Idimager

Virtually any photographer or designer working with digital images can take advantage of Idimager’s capabilities. It’s also handy for anyone who wants to archive images efficiently.

Tips for Optimizing Photos with Idimager

Follow these tips when using Full version crack Idimager Photo Supreme for the best results:

  • Use the PNG format for lossless compression instead of JPEG
  • Resize oversized images before optimizing to further reduce file size
  • Add metadata like titles, tags and captions before exporting optimized photos
  • Try medium lossy settings if maximum compression is needed
  • Install Photoshop plugin for seamless editing workflows

The flexibility of custom optimization settings means you can fine-tune compression based on your specific needs.

Idimager Photo Supreme Activation key

Is Download free Idimager Photo Supreme Activation key Right for You?

In summary, Idimager Photo Supreme is ideal for anyone looking for a robust photo optimization and editing app with professional-level functionality.


  • Best-in-class lossless compression
  • Full suite of editing tools
  • Batch processing for efficiency
  • Broad file format compatibility
  • Great value at $39.95


  • Lossy compression can impact quality if overused
  • No video format support
  • No cloud storage integration

For photographers, graphic artists, and any image-focused user, Idimager is a hugely useful software package for both optimization and correction. It delivers excellent performance at a budget-friendly price.

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